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Builders Work Drawings

Builders work layout

Builders work Drawings is required before a contractor can start pouring concrete on the site. These Drawings are produced from the co-ordinated BIM model after alignment with the architectural grids. Our team keeps the necessary clearances for the Builders work drawings as per the contract documents and construction codes.

Equipment Plinth Layout

Equipment Plinth Layout needs to be accurately determined to ensure the proper installation of HVAC equipment. BIM model provides accurate footprint with reference to the architectural grids and structural drawings.

Shop Drawings are created based on project standards and are useful to contractors, fabricators, suppliers and manufacturers during construction. BIM is highly useful for construction of any irregular or complex structures. We generate accurate sleeves, penetration and hanger locations from the BIM Services model before start of construction. These drawings can be directly downloaded into GPS instruments for fast and accurate layout at site. These drawings are generated directly from coordinated BIM models and are detailed enough for workshop fabrication and/or on-site construction. Advanced BIM tools help in revisions management and document control.

Quantity Take-Off

BIM model generates accurate quantity of all materials. These quantities are automatically updated with any changes in the BIM model. Quantity Take-Off reports can be formatted in MS Excel and exported to a database for detailed analysis. Quantities can be generated for a specific time period or project area to help manage material procurement and save inventory costs. It is an automated procedure on the HVAC Drawings and is 100% accurate as per the design. Quantity Take-Off covers all ducts, fittings, equipment and hangers, etc. This will also assist the project team to create data base for Asset Management

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