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Quality Control Check (QC)

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Our QC process is managed by an independent QC team. The main objective of the quality control (QC) process is to detect errors and rectify it. Ensuring quality is a group effort and our dedicated QC team is led by a highly qualified and experienced Manager in MEP Coordination and Quality Control. The entire QC process is handled in three phases:


  • QC CHK#1
    The model is plotted on paper and a preliminary grid by grid check is done comparing it with the original contract documents. Member of the Project Management team assists in this process. The project team leader sends a status report to the QC Department to begin QC Phase II.


    QC CHK#2
    The QC Team performs a more detailed comparison of the Contract Documents against the 3D BIM model. Specific Checklist is prepared to review/check the deliverables. Their main objective is to review, identify and address the following:

    • Missing data Discrepancies with the contract documents Clashes (Old/New), Elevation, Routing, Fittings, etc.
    • Construction point of view. No-Fly-Zones. Attribute Checking (Pressure class, Pipe material, etc.)
    • Location of Equipment such as VAV, Sleeves, Hangers, Valves. Equipment Connection details as per Schematic Drawings.
    • Equipment Models as per Technical Submittals. Annotations & Dimensions, Aesthetic View.
    • Miscellaneous issues

    QC CHK#3
    The PM checks the pre-shipment material before sending them to the client.