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REVITECH Building Services is a major engineering firm in India offering cost-effective Revit Modeling Services to clients in Australia, US and Middle East. Our clientele mainly comprises of Architects, Builders, Construction Companies Contractors and Fabricators.
We have evolved as a truly multidisciplinary group with reputation as a provider of pioneering solutions for different fields and industrial engineering projects. Subcontracting BIM Modeling requirements to us will help the client focus on the core competency and construction processes overall. We work as an extended hand to our clients and help them to manage their resources effectively. We have our Registered Offices in Australia & Representative offices in US, Middle East and Operational Office in India.

In addition to a qualitative, timely and cost efficient project delivery, we always ensure that the communication about project details, its execution and required outputs between the client and our core team is clear and transparent. This sets us apart from our competitors. We are an Engineering company offering high-end BIM and CADD Solutions. REVITECH was founded in the year 2007, by a group of engineers with different specialties. We follow excellence and linked together an assorted workforce of engineers, project managers, consultants and technical specialists. We recognize talent and work towards promoting a favorable working environment. We encourage innovation and generate opportunities for our people to work on projects that are challenging, provide them a learning curve and help them grow. Our depth of expertise and specialization of our work-Team makes us the best service providers, based in India.